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The first squirt of cum shot out mildly, but the second stream bolted out longer and flew further in the air than I’ve experienced in probably 10 or more years, it was followed with the third, just as far, and then the fourth, and fifth, still shooting out long distances, eventually ending up at seven full spurts of flying cum.Wow, I could hardly believe what just happened and was still rocked by the best solo orgasm and cumshot I can recall in maybe a decade or maybe more!When I finally arrived, I decided to jump in the pool to cool off first after the long day, being in the water didn’t help as for some reason, it got my cock on edge again, I barely touched it to feel the sensations shooting through my body, but couldn’t stroke it as there were not enough privacy.I did however managed to massage my prostate some which felt incredibly good.Elle doit poser pour un magazine de charme amricain. L'lection des plus belles fesses du Brsil ont eu lieu.Miss " Bumbum " 2012 est Carine Felizardo, une jeune blonde de 25 ans.Elle a t lue ( ou plutt ses fesses ont t lues ) parmi 25 candidates trs sexy. Il faut manger 5 fruits et lgumes par jour et ces jeunes filles l'ont bien compris.

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She had a front row, very close-up view of my throbbing cock as it twitched and jumped up and down, I can honestly not remember when last I experienced my cock in such a hard state.

I entered the room dropped my shorts and started pumping my cock, it was hard in seconds, I gave it long and hard strokes and when I took my hand off it jumped up and down like a spring, curving up to the ceiling.

I called my wife on Skype and fortunately she answered, the camera was set-up and switched on.

My wife encouraged me on, and it only took a few strokes more for my cock to literally erupt.

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A momentous orgasm which came from my hips, through my ass and prostate all the way through my pulsating cock shook my body.

My wife got quiet on the other side, also surprised with what had just happened, my cock slowly got to a standstill as the last drops of cum oozed out and ran down my shaft.

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